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A mother with her 3 children sat outside on a bench

What we do

We own around 6,500 properties and as well as providing homes we have a proud history of supporting people.  As one of the largest providers of housing support services in North Somerset we provide housing and housing-related support to around 12,000 people.

This might be for people with learning disabilities,  people who are recovering from drug or alcohol dependency,  young people making their way after a childhood spent in and out of care homes, people with mental health needs, those who provide unpaid care to friends or family, people who need help with their finances and support to get their lives back on track or older people who need some help to continue to live independent lives in the community, - to put it another way everyone who, at some time in their lives, needs a bit of help.

We work in partnership with a range of organisations to deliver these services, reflecting the reason we have ‘Alliance’ in our name.

We also provide home care services ranging from shopping and cleaning to personal care.

To get a feel for what we do take a look at our short video.

Owning our Future

Housing associations are united by a single purpose – to ensure everyone in the country has the opportunity to live in a quality home that they can afford.

The Owning our Future video tells Housing Associations shared story, if you want to end the housing crisis, you need to work with us.