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Non-dependant deductions

Does someone age 18 or over live with you?

Non-dependants are normally classed as anyone living with you aged 18 or over (if you are getting Universal Credit, it’s 21 or over).  The government assumes that these adults will contribute towards household costs, including your rent and Council Tax.  They can therefore deduct a sum of money from your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support entitlement, and this is called a non-dependant deduction. If you are getting Universal Credit, they can take a sum of money from it- and its official title is a ‘housing cost contribution’ but we’ll refer to it here as a non-dependant deduction.

These rules are complicated and the wrong deduction can sometimes be made – making a big difference to your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and Council Tax Support award, and so to how much rent and council tax you have to pay.

Go to the ‘Non-dependant deductions’ page to find out more and check that the right non-dependant deduction is being taken.

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