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Ahead of launching our Neighbourhood Plans in 2020, we want to challenge you as Alliance colleagues to identify areas of concerns in our communities to help tackle the issues being faced in the here and now.

We want our neighbourhoods to be places customers and colleagues are proud to call home, and we want to tackle the things that are stopping this.

If you spot something in any of the neighbourhoods you work in that you think is not quite right, report it now!

These things could be...

  • Environmental issues – rubbish, fly tipping, dog fouling, alley gating, poor lighting
  • Asset issues – communal spaces, poorly maintained, repairs
  • Grounds maintenance – unkept open space, over grown hedges, brambles
  • Behavioural issues – anything that makes you feel unsafe or unsure.

When you complete the form below, it will fire an email to our bespoke Spotted! inbox. If you've not been able to give enough details, ACT may need to follow up with you.

If you have any questions about this programme, have a chat with Neighbourhood Manager Cathryn Vallender.

Thanks for being a #NeighbourhoodHero!